Adult Box Leagues

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Branksome Park Tennis Adult Box League


How The Box League Works: 

Each round of the box league lasts 8 weeks with a 2 week break in between each season(allowing 10 weeks to complete all matches). Upon entering the league you will be placed within a box by a qualified coach so that you are playing opponents of a similar standard.

Each player gets to play all other players within their box division. At the end of the round, the player who comes first in each division gain promotion to the division above, while the player who came last moves down to the division below. 

Match Format: 

Box league matches will be played as best of 3 sets.

The first 2 sets will be regular sets with a standard 7 point tie break played if the score reaches 6 games all.

If the set score is 1-1 after 2 sets have been played, a championship tie break (first to 10 points, 2 points clear) should be played as a final set to decide the match. You DO NOT play an entire 3rd set, just a 10 point tiebreaker. 

It is suggested both players bring balls to the match, and on the day you decide which balls to use. Balls are sold inside the Cafe if you need a new set.

Promotion / Relegation 

To gain promotion a player must come 1st within their box, and the player who comes last will drop a division. Position within the group is worked out using the criteria in the following order. 

1 - Players in each division will be arranged in order of the number of matches they have won in the round.

2 - If 2 players finish with the same amount of wins, the higher position will go to the player who won the head to head match between those 2 players (if played).

3 – If 3 players finish with the same amount of wins, the higher position will go to the player who has won the most games in total across all matches. 

Submitting results: 

Details of your results must be sent in an email to or text to Aaron on 07717 858691
Results, scheduling and promotions/demotions will all be handled by the competition organiser. 

New players 

New players entering the box league, or former players who are returning after having previously withdrawn from the league, will usually be entered into the most appropriate division available. If a box is already well underway then new players will have to wait until the next round is available.

Players withdrawing from the box leagues will not receive a refund, players are expected to make sure they can commit to the entire 8 week period before entering the leagues so that walkovers are as rare as possible.

Contacting Opponents/Walkovers 

You must contact your opponent yourself to arrange matches. Upon deciding a date and time you must then pre-book your tennis court for the match. We would suggest booking x2hours so you have time to complete the match. If you are struggling to book this please contact the Competition Organiser who can help you book time slots.

If a player contacts another player to arrange a match and suggests at least three dates, and the other player is unable to play on any of the dates offered, a walkover may be claimed. However, if the other player also offers dates for a match which the first player cannot make, then a walkover can no longer be claimed. If struggling to arrange a match with an opponent then contact the Competition Organiser who can help mediate and schedule the match. 


Each round will cost £15. Each box will attempt to have a minimum x6 players so should result in 5 matches being played each round (subject to amount of entries/standards).

All entry fees must be paid before the published start date of the league. The League Fee can be paid inside the Cafe or to the competition organiser, Head Coach or a member of the coaching team.

Any disputes will be resolved by the League Organiser. Their decision is final.

GOOD LUCK! and remember to enjoy your matches!